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Dumai wrote (edited )

if (and this a big if) there was any dharmic inspiration in the early church then it was certainly through hellinistic influences, so koenraad elst is right to underline the significance of "ambient hellenistic-cosmopolitan culture". aside from that, this article is not very well researched. he's correct in saying that there is no doctrine of original sin in judaism, but definitely wrong to insinuate that it has no concept of spiritual salvation; that is to say, that jews only believe in "political salvation" (i don't know if the words "the world to come" mean anything koenraad, but they certainly did to many second temple jews). his statement that there could be no connection between jewish and christian ideas about salvation is patently absurd, as anyone up-to-date on their pauline scholarship would know. he botches the relationship between christianity and mithraism (mithraism borrowed from christianity, not the other way around -- most historical evidence we have on mithraic doctrine post-date the new testament) and seems to be labouring under the bizarre assumption that a first-century jewish day labourer from galilee would have a deep enough understanding of hindu philosophy to incorporate into his ministry. if hinduism had any direct influence on jesus or the gospel scholars, there should be some extraordinary evidence for significant contact between jewish and hindu communities in roman judea, but as elst points out, there's absolutely nothing to suggest a significant hindu community even existed there outside of his weird interpretation of the new testatement.

koenraad elst is an infamous right-wing hack btw