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It feels like these discussions never go well in leftist circles. It seems like you did post this with good intentions so I'm sorry it got derailed :(

I appreciate that. I think I could’ve responded better but considering that the conversation started off with people telling me to fuck off because I’m a Nazi, I think I was more than respectful. I know not everyone on Raddle is like this but it’s upsetting to see the admin acting the way they act.

If not could you explain the difference?

I think I worded it terribly so I understand the confusion, I was just trying to quickly respond to everyone. I think I was being too hyperbolic. What would've been more appropriate to say was that REAL Nazi's suffer from serious issues, including mental health issues. Fighting hate with hate only pushes them to hate even more, and thus being hateful towards everyone actually makes everything worse for everyone. It's worse for genocide victims, worse for political discourse, and just worse for everyone's mood.