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unneeded_junes OP wrote

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FYI we try to avoid implying intellectual disability around here.

I don’t know what I said that implies intellectual disability? I’m disabled myself so I try to avoid that language too because it’s also used against me as well.

  1. don't compare people who oppose genocide to nazis and colonizers.

You completely missed my point. I wasn’t saying opposing genocide is the same as genocide. I was saying that blindly following what you are told makes you just as “impulsive” as a Nazi. Them not being a Nazi was literally mere chance based on where they happened to be born. (assuming they would use the same thinking they use now)

  1. Are you implying that letting a population get erased is a viable a political strategy?


  1. lol

Well you’re against China because of witnesses and claims made by the American military industrial complex... Is this not exactly what happened with Iraq?

Fuck you tankie piece of shit

You’re mad that I somehow implied intellectual disability because I said they are being illogical, but then go ahead and call a disabled LibSoc a “tankie piece of shit” because they’re asking others to pick apart pro-China arguments because I am not informed enough to do so myself.

I gotta say, here are the vibes I’m getting: You’re the type of people who blindly support US imperialism. You’re the type of people who criticize everything in their armchairs rather than doing anything good in the real world. You’re the type of people who pretend to be concerned about bigotry, disability, etc but in the same breath will happily attack random people for literally no reason.