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masque wrote

I visited with my family as a kid. We saw a curated list of sights with a government-approved guide, though, so I can't really comment on much based on that experience, except to say that there is so much smog in Beijing. We also saw one of those infamous tiger-and-bear zoos that I guess the government thought reflected well on them? As a result, I am one of the few westerners of my generation who has legitimately seen a tiger jump through a flaming hoop, and a monkey riding a goat on a tightrope.

I briefly had a Chinese roommate who claimed that "There is absolutely zero crime in Shanghai" (dubious) and "My standard of living was higher in China than it is here in Canada" (I'll take his word on that one), but also "In China we aren't free to criticize the government, unlike in Canada where everyone complains constantly."


Pop wrote

big fucking country, lots going on

substantial political power, lots of neocolonial practices. putting many countries in africa and elsewhere into its debt and then taking huge parts of it as payment

pays weird lip service to a long-lost communism, the 'communist party' is still in charge but has not a shred of communism in it, and actually represses communists

afaik an unparalleled hellscape of real-time facial recognition surveillance tied to a social credit score that is a new kind of terrifying caste system with real implications for what a person can do and access

a rising empire but still not comparable to the US in military capacity by any measure afaik.
Except in that nuclear bombs are an equaliser with the whole mutually-ensured destruction thing. Are they a nuclear power with long-range missles? I'd imagine so.

check out chuang and lausan


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

They are the same as every other rich country, but they don't hide their exploitation in poor countries: they exploit their own people.

Poor old Chinese people are really pitiful, nobody cares about them.


GermyCovid444 wrote

Lived there for a couple of years. I moved to Taiwan immediately afterwards. It's sad that all of China isn't like Taiwan, instead it's a joyless, grim dump which looks even more unpleasant to be in an nationalist than it was when I was there.