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existential1 wrote

It took a long time...but we've made the circle back to feudalism. Governments let capitalists own everything. Peasants have to pay the capitalists and government to live, while never having a realistic shot at economic mobility. Which was always true for the vast majority of people, but now it's true for white people too. And because of thst, now it's a "problem".


celebratedrecluse wrote

A growing demand for vegan products would also be devastating for biodiversity because it would rely on monoculture fruit and vegetable crops (particularly soybeans). It would also necessitate expanding arable land by cutting down forests and increase the consumption of water for agriculture. It would also deepen already existing labour exploitation of vulnerable populations and further encourage large landowners and corporations to abuse small-scale farmers.

This is factually untrue, and someone with as little formal education as me is apparently more informed than the author. Most cropland in the author's country is devoted to the cultivation of animals, which necessitate a whole trophic level of magnitude more calories than simply growing vegetables and other plants for human consumption directly. We could easily reduce cropland and cease overfishing in the developed world if the industrial cultivation of animals for consumption was stopped.

I'm not even an idpol/lib vegan, but the argument that promoting vegan lifestyles would necessitate more waste or environmental destruction is a very difficult thing to support, and they didn't provide any citations to support that idea while simultaneously failing to even mention the fundamental principles i referred to. This is like intro-level biology


neverinNJ OP wrote (edited )

Flight attendant duty-hour rules vary from airline to airline. Generally, once an attendant hits the maximum hours for a series of flights, they can’t be forced to continue on the next segment, although they would get extra pay if they do.

Like 15 pieces of flair. We won't force you to wear it. But it is good for you if you do :-)


existential1 wrote

I agree with this...but it also uses some other problematic things that people build their lives around. Even though its a concession of sorts, a public health care alternative for most people in US would really be life changing for many people who overwork just for access to benefits.


RockBiter wrote

I’ve read Jared Diamond and seen him lecture. For the most part, I think he’s the real deal. However, aside from mentioning unsustainable practices and a general reluctance by the public to admit there is an environmental crisis, He provides no hard evidence for his percentage or timeline. No doubt that continued global consumption habits are unsustainable, but why “49% chance by 2050”? It’s sensationalism for book sales, nothing more.