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SinglePerson wrote (edited )

Just hijacking this thread to complain about There is a sticky announcement there that mentions you get banned if you mention gun control at all or are suspected of being "reactionary" with regards to this latest incident. Just because Marx advocated arming the wokers 150 years ago. One of the moderators there says

Also a note that capitalists will always use crises like these as excuses to disarm workers, and increase the power of the police state. Police in the US also killed more people in September alone than this incident.

I mean, come on. What an absolutist argument. Why should we not discuss gun ownership in the United States? What kind of socialism just stands and watches when innocent people get killed/injured with the only argument being "but the state does it worse".

What kind of socialist world do we live in when we are not allowed to use recent events to change our way of thinking. Should we just stand aside and watch? I mean, I understand the "reactionary" argument, but why not allow any discussion at all?


DeathToAmerica wrote

American 'communists' (tankies) are just a bunch of gun fetishizing, dictator-worshipping larpers.