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xdlpoooj wrote (edited )

Mobile customers would be a lot less likely to subscribe to streaming music services if they could just listen to traditional, free broadcast radio.

This isn't true.

For one, because FM radios were already disabled before online music subscriptions, or even before smartphones capable of running them existed. Anecdotally, I remember radio being possible, but disabled, in my Nokia.

For other, FM radio does not come close to competing against the variety of music available in streaming music services.

I don't see where the journalist got this quote. He doesn't back it up with any source or explanation. It's his personal conjecture. Shady.

Also, Apple is right: there are no radio antennas in its newest iPhone. Why? Because it has no headphone jack to allow them to work properly. Or a radio chip at all.

The older iPhones do support FM, though. The antenna would be the headphones or your whole body. You'd get crappy reception, though.

The FCC wants cellular communications to be up during catastrophes? Then pass laws that would demand carriers to include a backup generator with every cellphone tower. This is why landlines are usually up during an emergency, but not cellphone network: they're legally forced to have backup generators for landlines.

The FCC wants people to have FM radios? Have they considered just... you know... telling people to buy a $5 radio for emergencies? Because for phones to have good radio reception they're gonna need a large, unsightly antenna. Would people buy a phone like this? Probably.