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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I know quite a few people who prefer to do sex work than other work.

Usually you can make serious money working only two nights a week, which is really useful for people who want to claim back their time - compare to so many jobs today that suck your time and energy even beyond the 9-5. Revolutions need time and energy.

On top of that it's illegal which feeds a preference for illegalism.

On top of that you are getting paid in cash and not contributing to the machine with taxes.

And last but not least, you guys seem really to underestimate how shit other jobs generally are. I think often there's a leftover invented sense that sex needs to be sacred or special or important. But it doesn't have to always be that.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

You are missing the Catholicism of the original poster. Sex is bad. Sex work is even worse. So this should make you cringe, not explain that it can have good aspects as well.


red_philosophy wrote

Your personal experiences shouldn't be used as a basic judgement for argumentation. It's a classical fallacy.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

A classical fallacy huh thanks for coming down to my level and explaining these things.

Not everybody is trying to argue on the internet. Some people participate in forums in order to contribute their thoughts to a community.

Obviously most people would be uncomfortable with sex work. Most people are uncomfortable with anarchism too. I wasn't speaking to that. I was making a few points about against anti-sex-work garbage from a radical perspective.


Fr_a_zz wrote

and some people make posts designed to push a particular view ... or just to troll.