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SpiritOfTito wrote

So how many for capitalism in the last 25 years?

1 million in the first gulf war.

2 million in iraq and the opening for ISIS to thrive

1 million in Afghanistan.

1 million in Mexico due to USA drug war in gang violence

7 million affected by extreme famine in the current saudi-usa war in yemen

5.2 million in the Congo labelled the worst atrocity since ww2.

How many in Yugoslavia? How many preventable deaths from embargos against North korea, Iran and cuba


alqm wrote (edited )

Just a reminder that the only thing that can take them down is the people rejecting their "products" and "services". The people united against them is stronger than any bomb you can throw at the government.

They know it. They try to apply more brainwash, more focus on changing people's minds.

When everyone hates you, the minority, it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to be heard and survive. Just by being yourself you may trigger rejection, even if you try hard to blend in. You notice how people are different from us in every possible detail. The effect of manipulation is devastating. Very noticeable.


Naokotani wrote

I am sure that rampant western imperialism had zero to do with those deaths.