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aiwendil wrote

"Back in my day, everybody worked until they died and when they died, they went to hell and worked some more and we were happy with our lot. All you millenials get handed everything(short handed shovels, pick axes), and you have the nerve to complain that you are working your lives away." Says old baby boomer on SSI, with a pension and healthcare.

This seriously seems like it was written by somebody's raving, senile grandpa.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Yeah but what about the people you love and leave behind in the shit.

Dying is easy. Making people who you care about's lives marginally less shit is hard.


DissidentRage wrote (edited )

My uncle just took his own way out. We're all left trying to pick up the pieces from a shattered life and trying keep our own lives together because of it. However much you think you are decreasing the burdens on your loved ones, I feel pretty certain that you're making it harder in a lot of ways you can't imagine.


Emeryael wrote

That's pretty much the only sane response to this article, complete with two upraised middle fingers. Though they'll probably use this response as proof of how Milennials are all lazy and entitled, be like, "They're the worst for not wanting to work until they die to eke out an existence."

But the whole Baby Boomer BS can all be summed up this way:

Baby Boomers Continually elect politicians and support policies that dismantle the societal safety net given to them by their parents, dumping the consequences onto their kids. Afterwards...

Baby Boomers: looks at the Milennials Why haven't you solved all our problems for us? Whaddya mean 'you're too trying to survive in the economy we ruined.' You guys really need to learn something about responsibility."


NEOalquimista wrote

It's like locking a fly inside a jar until it's very old, then you release it and say "now you can have a life", but it's so old it cannot take off any more. I'll be "checking out early", like MaxStirner said, if I don't succeed in taking down this stupid system. It's the only reason I live.


BlackFlagged wrote

You can't take the whole system down on your own, no one can. The best you can do is bring others to the light and build up our numbers so we have some kind of an effect.