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aiwendil wrote (edited )

How come nobody ever considers that people are making a calculated decision not to take shitty jobs. I've fucked my back up for shitty jobs for years and I won't work warehousing and manufacturing jobs because they never give benefits and the toll on my body is too great. I end up spending my whole life in pain and I end up paying all the money I make to doctors. The trade off is 100% not worth it. I've got an idea for the robber barrons, higher pay, shorter hours and benefits, just like you gave the boomers and I bet you will see all those displaced workers suddenly appear again. The real problem is that all employers want something for nothing. They think they are better than you, so they want to screw you over at every opportunity. Opiates are a symptom of the pain caused by capitalism. Every single article on this completely misses the point.


sudo wrote

Employers: The real victims of the opioid crisis. Lol.