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hotcool wrote

Simplest way to enlightenment is to have no preferences.


DissidentRage wrote

Good read, and an interesting neologism chosen for millennials in Japan. I wonder if it really has a positive connotation as opposed to here?


stardust_witch wrote

I'm not an expert, but the impression I get is that, despite the flowery name, most young people in Japan to whom the term applies reject both the label and the picture it paints of them. Like Millennials in America (and probably other countries dealing with the same issues), they're just finding ways to cope with being economically screwed.

If I had to guess, I'd say if there's anything praiseworthy intended about it, it's that their response embodies the Japanese cultural ethos of "gaman," which depending on how you look at it means something like "perseverance" or "taking other people's shit" (like satori, it's also a term that originates in Buddhism, ironically enough).