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celebratedrecluse wrote

The drivers of the trend are suicide, drug ODs, and suicide. These are all connected to substance abuse & emotional distress, epidemiologically speaking.

The places feeling the biggest declines and lowest expectancies are Oklahoma, which is where the SE indigenous populations of the so-called US were deported to in the 19th century, and whose cultures have been subject to a terrible genocide. The states surrounding it in the SE, which contain some of the lowest wealth & income communities in the country, are also shouldering a huge amount of the life expectancy losses.

There can be no denial: capitalism & colonialism are to blame for the faltering of life expectancies, and a different culture & society would not be experiencing these same epidemiological problems. Whenever someone quotes 23 Milion at you, hit them with this information (and tell them USSR/China were/are state capitalist)


bloodrose wrote

Russian life expectancy fell after the "fall of communism". And it was primarily due to increased drug/alcohol usage and suicide also. So while I will agree USSR never hit full communism, it appears more capitalism = more sadness/death by sadness/despair.


celebratedrecluse wrote

fully agree

If you go from a welfare state to a neoliberal hellscape, you're going to see more people killing themselves with drugs. Russia & the US are two impeccably recorded examples of this, hopefully revolutionary history will remember this well