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NEOalquimista wrote

Profit driving our actions: you live for the money in a constant search for perfect capitalism. But there is no perfect capitalism. There is no happy ending to this. It's a constant state of instability while we fool ourselves that "ONE DAY" in the future we'll be able to solve hunger and poverty and etc. It's a bunch of lies that drive development. Really good ideas are lost within the noisy capitalist environment.

Mutual aid: there is no reason to steal what's free or kill what's not competing with you. There would be no political borders to drive wars. There would be no elevated classes that you would feel compelled to reach by smashing everyone in your way. People would be free to learn. We would become what we were once, a long time ago: explorers, not lab rats living in concrete cages and playing on a wheel that powers the rich until death.


sudo wrote

The shit people will do to make money...