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TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

of course its only of young women. Fuck this shit it's so sick and predatory... Loans on food wtf


ziq OP wrote

Every tankie that defends China is sweating right now.


gingoodman wrote

So, what, if it's a man applying for a loan they would approve them right away? I get that millennials don't have enough money to fend for themselves but I wonder what do these girls want to do with the loan that forces them to give in to the blackmail? Because if it's just to buy a fancy smartphone then there's something wrong with both parties here.


urg3t0ki11r151ng wrote

China has been capitalist for a while now.


BigG wrote

When was it not capitalist? It's not like it achieved communism and then went back to capitalism. It went from capitalism to more capitalism.


LostYonder wrote

It was pretty feudalistic actually, then morphed into a blending of state capitalism and party feudalism under Mao, then into capitalist. Even then, the state capitalist system under Mao and friends was not nearly as developed as in the USSR; calling it capitalist is a stretch, though it certainly wasn't communist. Today much of the population remain poor peasants and even industrial laboring practices are closer to feudalism than capitalism, though the over-arching system is corporatized capitalistic, profit driven...


urg3t0ki11r151ng wrote

I think there was a time during Mao/Deng where they tried to be more socialist than they are now, not sure though I would have to read up on it. Also before I get demonized, I am not a tankie, I don't support authoritarian regimes of any kind.