China develops laser weapon to be used on the working class. popsci.com

Submitted by mofongo in CapitalismInDecay (edited )

Official government state that the ZKZM-500 would be primarily used for crowd control by the People's Armed Police. Akin to the US Active Denial System, the laser power could be adjusted to simply cause protesters intense pain instead of immolating them.However, a Beijing police officer told the South China Morning Post that destructive lasers were sadistic and counterproductive for crowd control.

R1. The next stage of dystopian capitalist development consists of the bourgeois of the world to begin preparing for future economic strife, probably world war, and the inevitable working class struggles to follow. Given a nice name like "crowd control" this is a weapon that can completely immolate a person from a distance, but since they're so nice they'll only use it to cause you intense pain by scorching and and scarring your skin. While the fetid corpse of capital continues to hold the workers of the world under its sway, it will continue to think up more creative and barbaric measures to terrorize them into submission.



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Just_An_Author wrote

There's a reason I insist on referring to China's ruling clique as the Authoritarian Party, rather than the Communist Party.


RuthlessCriticism wrote

When the people are being hit with a laser, they are not much happier if it is called "the People's Laser".