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alqm wrote

"Knowledge is Power"

Sounds like a very fascist school. Too rough on kids.


jadedctrl wrote

Some states give students free lunches-- is it truly that hard for other states to follow suit? Free lunch-- the apple and cheese sandwhich-- is the only meal that so many children get to eat reliably, or at all. Why should poor kids be seperated from the rest, be made to look so different? It's just the epitome of cunty, it's hanging them out as fresh meat for the other kids to poke fun at, really.
The cheese sandwhich and apple shouldn't be the only free meal-- all school lunches should be free.


alqm wrote (edited )

School meal is free in Brazil, a third world country. There are exceptions, of course. Some states on the north sometimes go out of food. Those places don't receive much attention from the government.

There's also a free health program. We pay for these things with taxes.


NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

Heavy taxes and low salary though. And the health system is known as chaotic, poorly managed. It's the same amount of money, paid in different ways.

It's impossible to make capitalism more human. We shouldn't be fooling ourselves. Capitalism is people competing with each other and worrying about artificial objectives to make the rich richer. It's no different than the Matrix. Now the walls of this "Matrix" are closing in, making the world smaller and tighter so we can be controlled better.

The abundance of information we have is making the top 1% scared. They will instinctively start closing all the doors and making it harder to escape. If we fight back now, it won't close too much on us, and we'll have a better chance to regain freedom.


ziq wrote

To install class inferiority in them from early on, to ensure they don't get any dangerous ideas about moving up in the hierarchy, that's my guess.


jadedctrl wrote

I don't think it's done conciously or deliberately, but that sure is the result.