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365degrees wrote

The names don't mean shit. They're literally expensive star maps. This paragraph kills it IMO:

Astronomers do not use the names we assign to the stars. In 1919, The [sic 0] International Astronomical Union (IAU) was established with the objective is to promote and safeguard the science of astronomy. For scientific uniformity, it is the only body that names celestial objects for scientific use, which it does very infrequently [1]. We believe the stars [sic 2] overhead do not belong solely to the scientific community, but to everyone.

The issues I see with that are:

  1. There's no T in IAU.
  2. I don't think there's enough interesting stars to name. "No one else is using them" isn't a good excuse either.
  3. s/stars/star names. Have fun taking ownership of a giant gas ball undergoing nuclear fusion.