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dele_ted wrote

This raises a lot of strange questions...

  • Why does it read Trans Pacific Partnership on the back? That's not something you would want to sponsor for (and what does it have to do with this jacket?)...

  • Who would buy this when you can just paint a regular jacket yourself for almost nothing, and make it much prettier, more meaningful and more personalized than this crap?

  • Why is there a star of David with some sort of cross in it on the front?

  • Why is it dotted with red and white paint?

  • What are those pants that the model is wearing?


leftous wrote (edited )

I am confused af over this too. I tried looking up that star of david with the cross symbol, and the closest I could find was messianic Jews.

Overall Id say this jacket perfectly represents the way capitalism consumes every culture and movement, and blends it into meaningless nonsense for mass consumption.