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kore wrote

I don't disagree with the idea of a gift economy, which is basically what this is. I mean, the principle of "if you do bad things the community will ostracize you" is really old, it's just that in super dense places not everyone knows everyone anymore so it's impossible to know who has done bad stuff. I think what makes this particular tech bad is that it's undemocratic, the people don't decide who to ostracize or for what.


Dumai wrote (edited )

there's a pretty far distance between gift exchange a centrally planned command economy

edit: there's also a far distance between that and a rigidly authoritarian social credit system that penalises "social undesirables"


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

A gift economy should be based on genuine social relations, not numbers on a spreadsheet

EDIT: Actually, you're right. This is pretty interesting, and could be a feasible way to scale a gift economy