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I'm a bit out of the loop of web hosting for the past 10 years, but decentralized hosting (is this a thing yet?), or just a donate-directly-to-ISP measure can ensure that there isn't a huge pot of capital, which can be a risk.


Let me add some more thoughts: One of my favourite comment systems online is from a dutch tech news website, where you give points based on how useful a contribution is (explained in dutch here):

  • -1 points if 'unwanted', e.g. flamewar-ish or mean, etc.
  • 0 if off-topic or irrelevant
  • 1 if on-topic
  • 2 if 'informative', so a good addition
  • 3 if 'it should be put in the spotlight'—meaning it's an essential addition to the article/discussion in the OP.

And then there's some ranking system to decide which to show at the top roughly based on how many votes and how many of which level.

It makes it so that skimming for 'essential' info is easy. -1 reactions are collapsed by default, which helps you avoid stupid discussions.

It doesn't always work but it gets rid of the whole up/down dichotomy being conflated with things like like/dislike or good/bad discussion etc, and adds a bit more nuance I guess.


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Hm, I like your thoughts on this a lot. I'll have to give it a think, I guess. I'm inclined to agree with everything but I'm unsure about what to do with vote manipulation etc.


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Woah, that sounds really interesting. Thanks for linking it. It's amazing what's being done nowadays. So many projects, it's hard to keep up with them.

You probably want to take a look at zeronet as well. It predates IPFS and is designed for sites with user generated content.