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goof_goat wrote

Schmidt denied that this would amount to censorship while claiming that Google’s anti-RT algorithm would block information that is “repetitive, exploitative, false, [or] likely to have been weaponized.”

"likely to have been weaponized" isn't vague or dystopian sounding at all


KacperTheAnarchist wrote

Raddle doesn't even appear in Google search results! Switch to DuckDuckGo if you haven't already.


ziq wrote

Google removed us from their search results when that Vice article about us came out and we got lots of exposure.

Wikipedia also refuses to let anyone write an entry about raddle.


zombie_berkman wrote



ziq wrote

Wikipedia says we're not 'notable' enough.


sudo wrote

Maybe the website itself, sure. We only have 40 or so active users, so it's not that notable (though that could change in the future). But I think Postmill would warrant a mention on Wikipedia, even if it's only an entry in a list of Reddit-style voting forum programs (as opposed to conventional, order-of-posting forums). I'd give it a paragraph or two in an article of its own.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


zombie_berkman wrote

I guess a vice article isn't enough?


jadedctrl wrote

From what I remember, all it takes to be ``notable enough'' is a single article from a reputable site. At least, that's the case with GNU/Linux distros. If a distro gets a page on DistroWatch, for example, they're eligible for a Wikipedia page, even if the DistroWatch article is the only one on it.

I don't get why it wouldn't be the same case with raddle.


mofongo wrote

A non English version of Wikipedia perhaps, from my experience they're very lax in the less common languages.


christobal wrote

Surveillance Capitalism and Human Factory Farms. Google can fuck of and die.