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marx wrote

That gate needs to be torn the fuck down through force if necessary.


Somewhat_marxist_leninist wrote

In France this has been rendered illegal and all food left unsold must be given for free to the poor.


sudo wrote

That's a step in the right direction. Ideally, everyone would receive enough food to satisfy their needs for free, but there's no way a capitalist country would allow that to happen.


elyersio wrote

What's wrong with the bread? Why keep the homeless from stealing it?


NEOalquimista wrote

Maybe they created a new artwork for the packaging (fixing some incorrect data or just for the visuals?), and dumped the ones that were still made with the old artwork. Capitalists think like that.


Tux18 wrote

Never understood that either, it isn't like they can profit from throwing it away.

Actually, wouldn't it be better idea from a PR standpoint if they gave away food like this to the poor?


GrimWillow wrote

Trash compactors, and other forms of destroying food, are a disgusting evil in our starved world.


AnarchoJustice wrote

The person who made the original post should have bagged up the bread and took it to them