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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

Listen, I'm sorry I for some reason am stressing everyone out.

You're not stressing anyone out, mate. If anything, you're raising the mood a bit. I had a laugh.
People are only downvoting because of the dishonesty. You keep repeating the same bullocks like it's truth, it's not rad.

Does the council of elders or whatever want to block me then?

People here've said over and over again that you're welcome to stay and do whatever you want. I said "Do whatever you want, mate," and if you check the thread on you the general consensus is "let him stay, he does no harm and breaks no rules, who cares."


Halstan wrote

Sounds good I guess What have I been dishonest about?


jadedctrl wrote

Ughhh, mate, stop. We're not dense. Someone found your thread on Voat-- you're being blatantly dishonest about your involvement with Voat. "I don't know what it is," you say, but we have some pretty damning evidence to show otherwise.


Halstan wrote

Listen man. A buddy of mine told me about this site after I was bitching about Reddit. If those Voat guys are anything like 4 or 8 Chan or whatever they are probably somehow fucking with you.