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sudo wrote

That's not how you cite sources. They need to link directly to the page where they got the information from, not the entire website. I spent a good 10 minutes browsing, trying to find the page that they found the number on, without success. These figures might be correct, but I can't verify that they are, so I can't believe it, or repost this elsewhere. If we're going to criticize the right for being intellectually dishonest or intellectually lazy, we need to apply the same criticism to ourselves.

Karl Popper had the right idea with this sort of thing. I can't find the exact quote, but he said something along the lines of, "We need to take our ideas, and try our hardest to disprove them. If we can't do it, then they're probably good ideas. But if we can, then you've saved yourself from believing something that's wrong." That's why I'm always calling out intellectual dishonesty here - it's not that I'm not a leftist, it's that I'm using this process to try to strengthen the soundness of our ideology by shooting down wrong arguments.