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Submitted by goof_goat in CapitalismInDecay

"What we’re talking about is very young children, effectively from birth, being deliberately targeted with content which will traumatise and disturb them, via networks which are extremely vulnerable to exactly this form of abuse. It’s not about trolls, but about a kind of violence inherent in the combination of digital systems and capitalist incentives. It’s down to that level of the metal."


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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

I've thought YouTube "Kids" is disgusting and kind of fucked up for a while, but this article is really good. It brings "Kids" to a new low in my mind...
Everyone churning out garbage for kids to digest for hours at a time, algorithms running for every possible way to get more kids watching. Isn't it just sad to think about?

On so many different fronts this is fucked-- kids are watching total garbage, people are spending no small amount of time in their life making these, and a large circle of bots endlessly wastes cycles on this.

On that first front-- maybe the more important one-- What effects do these videos have on kids, I wonder? Even the more quality ones have little to no narrative structure at all, and make literally no sense. They'd be better off even watching Spongebob or something-- at least that has a narrative at all. More and more kids will have this as their main source of video as cable/antenna usage goes down...

This is just a really good article and thorough analysis. 10/10.


1anarchy wrote (edited )

The phenomenon has been documented by Susan Linn in Consuming Kids ( http://consumingkids.com/ ) . It's Reagan's / Republicant's fault for allowing corporations to roll back laws prohibiting marketing to children in the 80s.


PainlessEphemera wrote

You know how many videos I’ve seen where cartoon characters get needles in butts, which is apparently some sort of fetish. That isn’t even the worse. I’ve seen cartoon videos where pregnant women threaten to commit suicide. As someone who suffers depression, you can imagine how triggering this is.

TL;DR Youtube “Kids” Videos can be just fucked up.


goof_goat wrote

it's amazing how fucked up youtube is


PainlessEphemera wrote (edited )

And they censor and demonitize videos for trivial things, but they don’t do anything for the videos that show such scarring images and ideas.


goof_goat wrote

their whole automated system is very broken.... it's really not that great for viewers or the 'creators' of videos. and then there's the comments section.


Madmonarch wrote

Don't forget they are more concerned with copyright infringement than straight up videos of nazis calling for ethnic cleansing


SaneJane wrote

I had no idea that level of fuckery was going on. That's insane. Just one more nightmarish conclusion of profit driven enterprises....


Enkara wrote (edited )

Seems shitty, but author over-sold the creepiness hard... I kept watching these videos waiting to be creeped out, but they were just crappy videos.

It was actually pretty hilarious and fun watching cop-elsa and spiderman shoot magical guns that turned the flying shark different colors.

Anywho I think the "this will traumatize children" narrative is pretty unproven and sensationalist, I kept feeling like this person was stretching so that they could write their article. Seems like just another different flavor of trash media for child consumption.