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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

I've thought YouTube "Kids" is disgusting and kind of fucked up for a while, but this article is really good. It brings "Kids" to a new low in my mind...
Everyone churning out garbage for kids to digest for hours at a time, algorithms running for every possible way to get more kids watching. Isn't it just sad to think about?

On so many different fronts this is fucked-- kids are watching total garbage, people are spending no small amount of time in their life making these, and a large circle of bots endlessly wastes cycles on this.

On that first front-- maybe the more important one-- What effects do these videos have on kids, I wonder? Even the more quality ones have little to no narrative structure at all, and make literally no sense. They'd be better off even watching Spongebob or something-- at least that has a narrative at all. More and more kids will have this as their main source of video as cable/antenna usage goes down...

This is just a really good article and thorough analysis. 10/10.