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For more background look at: "Exposing the DreamWorld kickstarter scam" and "Dreamworld co-founder’s ex-fiancee calls out Kickstarter fibs but says he’s not intentionally scamming."

Pretty much it's just two guys with no backgrounds in massively multiplayer online game making, Zachary Kaplan (marketer) and Garrison Bellack (programming), claiming that the game they are trying to get off the ground on Kickstarter will be the ultimate game of its type. It seems to keep shifting from being a massively multiplayer only role playing game to having mechanics from other sorts of games because why not?

I know this is minor, but late neoliberalism's inherent scamminess has bled into everything, including video game production. If you remember the Romine brothers' fight with Jim Sterling a few years ago, they were legally claiming "defamation" over a YouTube review by Sterling of a game they made (The Slaughtering Grounds), that just like DreamWorld was utterly shot through with pre-purchased game assets (i.e., zombies, blood effects, buildings). James and Robert were too cheap to get a lawyer to defend their limited liability company, "Digital Homicide Studios" so they rigged their 15 million dollar (!) lawsuit as "personal defamation." It did not work and they were kicked out of court and off Steam, though their Twitter is still up but dormant ( ) and their freeware site ( ) and Facebook page is still up.



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