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naut wrote

I think you touch on the crux of the problem. Ideas like a Green New Deal (video) are a move in the right direction.

I have to disagree on comparing small miners impact to that of corporate emissions. The resources needed for scaled mining are analogous to mineral resource extraction. Like you say, energy consumption and origin are the main issues at play, and cleaner sources are necessary.

Degrowth is the most likely possibility in my eyes, but even that requires a complete paradigm-shift of the global north away from eternal growth and consumerism.

Incentivizing radical change is probably the most facile step forward, and I think the vaccine response to the COVID-19 pandemic is amazing evidence that it can be done. The social movement will be much harder though. Getting people to care about something that doesn't directly affect them in the present could be humanity's linchpin.


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naut wrote

So the conclusion is all pollution is bad, but let's not try and reduce the amount society is producing because it's a waste of time?

I empathize with you in wanting to eliminate human exploitation of the planet, but I have no idea how we'd get there from where we currently are without borderline apocalyptic amounts of societal collapse or evolution.

An article for further thoughts on this.


yabhul wrote


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