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Naokotani wrote

If people want to do this, then they should have fun. The issue arises when people have to do it out of desperation for any number of reasons.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Most of us work because we have to. Singling out sex work typically reflects moralisms and deep-seated religious values.


GrimWillow wrote

Yea, it's an issue in all work. We are all prostitutes for our masters as long as the cops continue threatening everyone and walking around making sure we're paying up to the thieves.


Naokotani wrote

I agree up to a point, but I would say being forced out of desperation to be an electrical engineer is more pleasant than being forced out of desperation to give people blowjobs for a living. Although, I suppose its possible that I would prefer one over the other because of moralisms or deep-seated religious values.