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alqm wrote (edited )

Ew, that's bad. Since we can't have a community-developed car with open source software, I'll never have one. Fuck all these rich car making corporations.

EDIT: imagine you go buy one and is presented with the options:

<car model> ad-free: $10.000

<car model> $5.000

And people talking about it:

"No, no, always go with the ad-free."


DeathToAmerica wrote

The prices will be more like:

ad-free: 30,000

with ads: 23,000


_ziq_ wrote (edited )

Far more likely:

Ad-lite: 35k

Sponsored: 30k

Sponsored will be 20 mins of ads per hour, ad lite only 6mins.


_________deleted wrote

And for the rest of the time you're in the car, you'll have to buy and watch the media the ads tell you to buy.


________deleted wrote

And they won't let you use netflix or your own video library, you'll have to subscribe to the automaker's media service.