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zombie_berkman wrote

This is why open firmware is really important. There have even been ethical arguements like how do you know that the government won't back door it and then lock you in and crash it into a wall or some shit. Or in a much more likely, someone with a similar name has a warrant out for their arrest, someone messes up and when you get in your car, it locks you in and drives you to the police station.


alqm wrote (edited )

You just sparkled the idea for a plot similar to the movie "I, Robot."

Lt. John Bergin: What is the matter with you? Traffic Ops tells me you're driving your car manually. You ran two trucks off the road!

Detective Del Spooner: John, the robots attacked my car.

Lt. John Bergin: What robots?

Detective Del Spooner: Look in the tunnel.

Lt. John Bergin: I just came from that tunnel. There are no - What robots?

Detective Del Spooner: [shouting] The goddamn robots, John!