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alqm wrote (edited )

Ew, that's bad. Since we can't have a community-developed car with open source software, I'll never have one. Fuck all these rich car making corporations.

EDIT: imagine you go buy one and is presented with the options:

<car model> ad-free: $10.000

<car model> $5.000

And people talking about it:

"No, no, always go with the ad-free."


DeathToAmerica wrote

The prices will be more like:

ad-free: 30,000

with ads: 23,000


watermelon wrote (edited )

Far more likely:

Ad-lite: 35k

Sponsored: 30k

Sponsored will be 20 mins of ads per hour, ad lite only 6mins.


chaos wrote

And for the rest of the time you're in the car, you'll have to buy and watch the media the ads tell you to buy.


________deleted wrote

And they won't let you use netflix or your own video library, you'll have to subscribe to the automaker's media service.


BlackFlagged OP wrote

And rich people won't be affected because their limos have human chauffers.


HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

I hope that if this ever came that some people would be brave enough to randomly trap and burn them on the street