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PoisonDartFrog wrote

They'll probably hike the price of the car way up if you don't agree to view commercials while you're driving. And if you disable the ads somehow, the car will refuse to start.


alqm wrote (edited )

Ew, that's bad. Since we can't have a community-developed car with open source software, I'll never have one. Fuck all these rich car making corporations.

EDIT: imagine you go buy one and is presented with the options:

<car model> ad-free: $10.000

<car model> $5.000

And people talking about it:

"No, no, always go with the ad-free."


DeathToAmerica wrote

The prices will be more like:

ad-free: 30,000

with ads: 23,000


watermelon wrote (edited )

Far more likely:

Ad-lite: 35k

Sponsored: 30k

Sponsored will be 20 mins of ads per hour, ad lite only 6mins.


chaos wrote

And for the rest of the time you're in the car, you'll have to buy and watch the media the ads tell you to buy.


________deleted wrote

And they won't let you use netflix or your own video library, you'll have to subscribe to the automaker's media service.


BlackFlagged OP wrote

And rich people won't be affected because their limos have human chauffers.


HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

I hope that if this ever came that some people would be brave enough to randomly trap and burn them on the street


EdgyIndividualistBuffoon wrote

The real danger is self driving cars choosing to run over a pack of pedestrians rather than swerve and risk injuring the bourgie driver. Mercedes has already stated their cars will do that.


zombie_berkman wrote

This is why open firmware is really important. There have even been ethical arguements like how do you know that the government won't back door it and then lock you in and crash it into a wall or some shit. Or in a much more likely, someone with a similar name has a warrant out for their arrest, someone messes up and when you get in your car, it locks you in and drives you to the police station.


alqm wrote (edited )

You just sparkled the idea for a plot similar to the movie "I, Robot."

Lt. John Bergin: What is the matter with you? Traffic Ops tells me you're driving your car manually. You ran two trucks off the road!

Detective Del Spooner: John, the robots attacked my car.

Lt. John Bergin: What robots?

Detective Del Spooner: Look in the tunnel.

Lt. John Bergin: I just came from that tunnel. There are no - What robots?

Detective Del Spooner: [shouting] The goddamn robots, John!


happysmash27 wrote

Oh gosh that sounds horrible D:

If that happens I'll just ride my bike…


ziq wrote

Until a self driving car decides to ram into you to avoid a pothole.


drfuzzyballs1996 wrote

Real talk here: this will probably happen in my lifetime, gotta escape to the woods before then.


Sylexis wrote

Just reading that title pissed me the fuck off. 😡


Somewhat_marxist_leninist wrote

I had never thought of this issue this way. It seems you are right. The future is grim for the people, it seems.


[deleted] wrote


timefocus wrote

Have never been in a cab, where and how do they do it?