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kore wrote

I wonder how much of it will actually get eaten.....


ziq OP wrote

It's very perishable so idk what they were thinking hoarding bread. I guess they plan to freeze it?


kore wrote

it's also an american cultural thing that sliced bread is a staple food, maybe it is in other places too but IDK.


existential1 wrote

Im stocked up on dried goods. But i always am because that's what i eat all the time. Only thing i dont have are enough weapons to keep the fash who live a block away from getting in after enough time.


whatnever wrote

They could dry it in the oven, then it would last basically forever. Like in the elves bread in lord of the rings.


lori wrote

Wow, insane what socialism does to a country. SMH.


rot wrote

people keep hording all the toilet paper too. makes me wonder how long they plan to stay indoors...


bloodrose wrote

I'm planning for a month, though I don't have a month's worth of toilet paper, lol