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ziq wrote

It's really disturbing how so many people care about this sauce.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


zombie_berkman wrote

if it was done right the manager would have taken them, sold them on ebay for like 5$ a pop, blamed it on some disabled worker, and fired them. /s


Defasher wrote

Nothing more entertaining than watching corporations and consumerists both implode.


anarchistica wrote

If the story in the news is that customers were disappointed that they couldn't get your product because you ran out i'd hardly call that backfiring. It's like the best possible ad for them.


[deleted] wrote (edited by a moderator )


ziq wrote

Silverware at Macdonalds? Sounds like Marxism is a lot better then.


coinphrase wrote (edited )

If capitalism were to be destroyed and the model communism realized, do you think people would make their own McDonalds to recreate that old-fashioned feeling? How many years would it be before, even the die-hard communists, gave up all nostalgia about products they loved? Products that were only made possible by capitalism, might become even more obsessed over. Would there be a movement to stop people from making fake Nike clothes or other potential symbols of capitalism? I can see it spinning out of control. Generations after model communism is achieved, young people are fighting the old communists, because they think it's unfair that they can't start their own business, hire employees and have the ability to store their labor as a some sort of sovereign money.