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lettuceLeafer wrote

I mean it kinda sucked bc he told me like at a dinner with quite a couple family members. On one hand I super respect it tho I couldn't tell him I thought it was cool bc he literally put himself in massive risk of going to prison to pay a minor fine that would fuck up his families life a lot. Like his wife and two kids are somewhat dependent on him financially. So it was a super risky decisions which would hurt other people too. So yes I respect the commitment but also it was a horrible plan from a practicality standpoint.

Tho I have no idea how he didn't get charged like his license is tied with his name. So I think he only isn't in prison bc he was lucky af. Which is really interesting to think about bc I feel like cops would go fucking hard if someone just fled a traffic stop. SO it is very interesting from that standpoint. But yes I do agree, running from the cops and succeeding is super cool and based.