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lettuceLeafer wrote

On raddle for sake of clarify I use Ancap to talk about both the libertarian party US and ancaps.

Basically if u want little government and don't want the government to exist with a extremely strong intolerance for aggression, qmbivilence to not government hierarchy or soft opposition to it, genuinely let people live their lives regardless of how weird it is or difference as long as it doesn directly hurt people and lack of understanding for the nuance of society such as how imperialism make current global trade deals have oppression in it despite both parties agreeing. (I mean it doesn't have to happen but it's almost always the case)

I actually have two an cap family members so I usually find them to be a better encompassing if the philosophy. Like no joke one literally doesn't file taxes at all. One time driving with his family a cop caught him speeding so his response was to put the pedal to the medal and literally ran from the police and succeeded bc he wasn't going to let the government rob his family. And the other protested government taxes one time by refusing to pay his ex wife child support and had to go to jail.

But generally they are people who u can kinda tell them anything and they will be supportive which is a double sided sword bc they are open to anything so they will listen to idea about if black people are biologically inferior with just as much vigor as systemic racism. Tho they both believe strongly that the government is racist and hurts non white people. Now businesses being racist they won't be convinced.

They also both have hobbies that include spending their free time repairing government property. From clearly trails after storms, one reengineered and fixed the baseball fields drainage so it wouldn't flood and made people way more happy to play on it. Both actually strongly dislike corporations and think hierarchy isn't very good but both also have employees. Ovi both are small business owners bc they are too much of head strong weirdos to be told what to do.

One literally littered his business with Ron Paul propaganda and still has it up since like 2007 or whenever Ron Paul was a thing. Def also sometimes have weirdo conservative talking points too.

Tho generally I consider ancaps to be far less of a threat to anarchy than Anarcho Redditors. Which is fucking weirdo that I think Ancap philosophy somehow is less tolerant of hierarchy than 90% of fuckin anarchists but whatever.


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lettuceLeafer wrote

I mean it kinda sucked bc he told me like at a dinner with quite a couple family members. On one hand I super respect it tho I couldn't tell him I thought it was cool bc he literally put himself in massive risk of going to prison to pay a minor fine that would fuck up his families life a lot. Like his wife and two kids are somewhat dependent on him financially. So it was a super risky decisions which would hurt other people too. So yes I respect the commitment but also it was a horrible plan from a practicality standpoint.

Tho I have no idea how he didn't get charged like his license is tied with his name. So I think he only isn't in prison bc he was lucky af. Which is really interesting to think about bc I feel like cops would go fucking hard if someone just fled a traffic stop. SO it is very interesting from that standpoint. But yes I do agree, running from the cops and succeeding is super cool and based.