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__0 wrote

When people do things that could line up with anarchist praxis but don't know anything about anarchy... I get the idea that this person is a bit of a dreamer, but doesn't really understand the state that we'll, they are searching for some freedom, but haven't really taken an in depth look at why they aren't free.

What's always sad to me about these kinds of stories is that these people always have a lot of potential, but often fail, because they don't understand the risks that they are taking fully.

I bet if he didn't sign any government paperwork and was smart about not being clear about his exact location instead saying that he was in "the Canadian wilderness" he wouldn't be facing prosecution.

I feel like people feel like they have to play along with the state to be respectful in what they are doing, and then when that doesn't go right they act righteous like, "try and take me" I'm "just living the dream of millions" ... Like ok dude good luck...

I would say this person is acting a little bit out of the kind of arrogance that comes from someone who probably never thought that the state was his enemy his whole life, and that he could just go on an adventure etc, kind of a colonial mindset ngl, However at the same time behind all the ego and blind libertarianism I think there is a bit of an ideal poking through.