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fortifiedmischief OP wrote

Most of the people who are yelling the loudest from the convoy don't understand any of the political implications of most of the stuff they are advocating for.

can you elaborate on this? i've watched some of the press conferences they've held and unless i missed it (which is quite likely), i didn't hear much beyond asking for the mandates to be removed. is that what you're referring to? if so, what are the "political implications" of removing the mandates? I know there's a lot of wackos (to put it lightly) in the crowd, but I don't see the convoy as a whole advocating for the extremists' bullshit.


__0 wrote

Oh I've just seen lots of people just listing politicians that need to step down, lots of finger pointing and blame, lots of people who want the entire liberal cabinet to step down (as if) and who want to do some sort of coalition type thing where the convoy becomes the majority voice in the government (yeah but who speaks for the convoy) there's a lot of us vs the government type dialogue as if the government is just kind of one person making decisions as opposed to an un-steerable contraption with multiple points of failure. It's always frustrating to see a group of people assuming authority over others and speaking for them. I don't think it's reasonable to claim patriotism and wave flags when they are effectively opposition to thing that the flag represents; namely the government of Canada...

I just see so many levels of optics that are built on such obvious lies, I think a lot of the people participating in the convoy are completely oblivious to the irony to it.

Also I think that vaccine passports probably will be partially withdrawn in the near future unrelated to this convoy,

Any claim of victory this convoy makes is just going to be used to leverage political power into a few figure heads that supposedly led it, and people in the convoy with media connections, the fact that the convoy leaders have at times stressed that people don't talk to media only focuses power upwards.

The fact that over 10million dollars was raised (most withheld) also hints at the organizers proximity to money... Although a lot of the money raised was organic support, It is unethical to demand that much money and give people the impression that the convoy is going to overthrow the government etc, when most of that money has no financial oversight etc. This is exactly the kind of thing where money become unaccountable, it exchanges hands and disappears.

It is ironic that a protest that raised 10milion dollars still clings on to the narrative that all counter protesters are paid (by who), Also if they aren't getting paid, who is...