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nosho18 wrote

Always worth talking about how to find each other around shared liberatory politics and moving towards collective action. There have been a few projects like this over the years that might be worth thinking about.

Common Cause at one point had chapters in 7 Ontario cities. It dissolved in 2016.

A bunch of the people involved in CC went on to do neighbourhood organizing. Herongate tenants, Parkdale Organize, Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network...

Prairie Struggle was a similar group that wrapped up in 2015:

In some areas, people were involved in NEFAC before that:

As well, during the mobilization against the Harris government in the 90s, Coalition Against Poverty chapters popped up all over with heavy anarchist participation. Only the Toronto chapter is still meainingfully active, as far as I know:

There was also a Quebec chapter of the Union Communiste Libertaire:

Don't worry about folks being sectarian. Yes, there are all kinds of anarchists, but the meaningful differences are better revealed through action than through ideology. There have also at different times been more (or less) organized networks of insurrectionary anarchists across Canada too.