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Bezotcovschina wrote

Experience and history. I'm not claiming possession of universal truth of how shit should be done, though.

I'm pro-fun anarchist for all I care. I'm probably the least anti-organizationalist on this site. And I doubt you (or anyone) can make national-wide organization fun. Or existent. In no way I want to curb anyone's enthusiasm on a positive change, but I feel obliged to warn about likely disillusionment in a mass movement building. And a burnout closely tied to this.

I don't think "create a network that anarchists can use to pool resources, share experiences/info, connect with other anarchists and groups, etc" is fruitless - this is what the site we currently in is dedicated to, I think. But, again, I think (believe?) trying to make any all-encompassing organization is, indeed, an ungrateful and pointless labor. That, historically, tends to end in a dumpster fire and plenty people disappointed.

I wish I knew what is really fruitful. I believe creating bonds in a close affinity groups is fruitful. I believe spontaneous acts of solidarity is fruitful. I believe helping marginalized people by direct acts is fruitful.


bobok_the_menacingly_weak OP wrote

Fair enough. Thanks for the input, anyway! I learn by experience, so I guess I'm gonna just have to try and see what I think about it all in a few years.

Btw, I only just heard about this site. Are most folks on here anti-organizationalist-types or what?


Bezotcovschina wrote

Hm... Maybe my bit about this site auditory was somewhat of exaggeration, but I would expect a more individualist and anti-organizationalist leaning types amongst a general user base.