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Just got added as a mod on this forum and thought I'd reach out to other users to see if we want to take a more active hand in making it the kind of space we want. This account is used by moderators of North Shore Counter-Info, and we have been posting our content here since our site started in 2018, as well as that of other anarchist counter-info projects in the Canadian territory. This means the forum reads like a counter-info site or an rss feed of them.

If the f/Canada's users are mostly just here as a way of staying on top of autonomous media, that's not a bad thing, especially as we try to pivot away from relying on corporate social media. But it's likely that's not the only thing it could be.

For instance, I'm also active on r/Canadian_Socialism, where posting lots of anarchist shit is more out of place, though it is interesting to see what other sections of the left in the area are thinking about.

Being more than what it currently is would take work and people willing to do it, but if there is a vision its easier to find new people and grow.

Also, do we want this forum to be bilingual?



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Pop wrote

I think it's a bit tough for people to respond because anarchists who are appropriate to the space may also have security culture concerns


ziq wrote

they can always make an alt to talk about canada


nosho18 OP wrote

Can you spell out a bit more what your concern is? Do you mean security concerns about communicating online in general, issues specific to raddle, or issues specific to the content of this sub?


Pop wrote

Most people on raddle avoid letting people know where they are

The only people who are appropriate to this conversation are people from canada

So by participating people are saying that they are in canada

ziq's point that people can make alts is sound though

hopefully that's clear