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ziq OP wrote (edited )

I mean, it was clearly a dangerous banner. Someone could choke on it.


Majrelende wrote

It is so large that even that would be unlikely.


ziq OP wrote

Well what if a poor innocent civilian accidentally tripped on it?


SomeIconoclast wrote (edited )

Exactly. What people don't understand is that pigs lapdogs of the state cops officers of the law have to regard everything as a lethal threat to others, and most importantly, themselves. Old black woman crossing the street? Potential Black Panther sympathizer. Homeless guy? Potential mass murderer. Latino family? Potential illegal immigrants. Unarmed peaceful protestor? Almost guaranteed to be some sort of Antifa thug that glorifies anti-cop racism and violence. Dog? Potential Cop Killer. This state of unreasonable paranoia hyper vigilance is what keeps good, white well-off folks safe from the scary brown people crime and violence.