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My Xinjiang playlist (sadly the Youtuber "Bayarea415" got doxxed, so his videos aren't there anymore) : LINK

My DPRK playlist: LINK

My Venezuela Playlist: LINK

My Iran Playlist: LINK

Some good scolars imo are Vijay Prashad (he knows a lot about... Well everthing regarding history), Mohammad Marandi and Javad Zarif regarding Iran, Rania Khalek regarding the middle east, Miko Peled regarding Isn'treal (I have a playlist for that as well as well as Norman Finkelstein. When it comes to economics look up Paul cockshott or Dr. Blair.

Regarding Tibet read "When serfs stood up in tibet" by A. L. Strong or Listen to "the tibet myth" by Michael Parenti on Youtube. Also there are some CGTN documentaries regarding Tibet. And a online picture exhibition by the chinese embassy in Germany from 2009 celebrating 50 years of the democratic reforms (WARNING: Horrible picture! feudal Tibet under the Dalai Lama was brutal)

Falun Gong is a cult and the Chinese version of Scientology

And here is my playlist of the right wing protestors in Hongkong

And here is my favourite Fidel Castro speech: LINK

And of course read Lenin. You can watch Youtube all day long... in the end just read Lenin lol



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ziq wrote

"Bayarea415" got doxxed

for real? fucking finally