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Yeah, not even if they had. The alliances he made to win steered the frame more to the right than ever... I am relieved but scared at the same time.

And other thing is that we don't have a clear picture when talking about parties in Brazil. Bolsonaro party is not controlled by him or even by his ideologues, in theory his party is part of what we call Big Center (centrão), anda many of those were aligned with Lula in his first presidency. Cronyism plays a bigger role than ideology, you can see Lula's running mate, a historical right wing politician, member of the Opus Dei the ultra Catholic group and heavy proponent of a more militarized police


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I can say that latin America is a very misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic place. The Left™ isn't an exception here, more if you see how much tankies dominate the left discourse in the region. There is a weird mix of 3rd world Nationalism liberation struggle thing mixed with social conservative\reactionary sensibilities linked to christian religion.

And I can say that these evangelicals against NWO and Freemasonry cold be more fash than the average Bolsonaro fan base.. I am rally afraid that the main left force in the region will radicalize towards nazbol or some weird Tankie version with loads of conservative Christianity..


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Fair point haha

And in the third point I'm prob a terrible source on Bolivian politics since most of the sources I read are either Tankies or or neoliberals who want to get rid of morales.

And I don't think all indigenous people are like this I just think colonized indigenous rural groups are more likely t be superstitious the same reason one side of my rural farming family values a bunch of nonsensical old times nonsensical aphorisms and my mom's family don't as almost all of them graduated college. While most of my dad's family barely passed.

I just think people who spend most of their time working wit little access to info are more likely. Tho as I think about it maybe I'm being too nice to morales and just bought the Tankie apologia of him. Which is a problem.


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It's actually interesting to see non 1rst world countries kinds just behind in America culture. Like in many places ofatin America Christianity is extremely important and belief in superstition is aften more persuasive.

Not to mention places in Africa which were and are continuing to be rich with Catholic missionaries do like 18th century kill gay people for God kinda things..

Western hegemony has had a massive effect on other countries for the worst. And like superstition is honestly hard to criticize as a lot of it is due the areas being systemically oppressed so the populace just has less time and money to read books and challenge cultural beliefs.

I remember morales had a speech about how it's bad that Bolivians are eating American chicken because it has feminizing hormones. Which sound alike a alt right talking point. But more so just morales just grew up a poor oppressed indigenous person so old times stuff just is persuasive. And morales wasn't really a homophobic pres either.


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I didn't find any translated news about this so I used machine translation on some Portuguese article about it:

The indigenous known as “Indian Tanaru” or “Indian of the Hole”, who lived alone and isolated for almost 30 years in Rondônia, was found dead by the National Foundation for the Indigenous (Funai) last Tuesday (23). The information was confirmed by the agency on Saturday afternoon (27).

According to Funai, "the indigenous person's body was found inside his hammock in his hut located in the Tanaru Indigenous Land", during the monitoring and territorial surveillance round carried out by the FPE Guaporé/General Coordination of Isolated Indians and Recent Contact (CGIIRC).

In a statement, the Foundation reported that "there were no traces of the presence of people at the site, nor were any markings seen in the woods along the way." Also, there were no signs of violence or fighting.

The Federal Police (PF) was at the scene and carried out the investigation with the presence of specialists from the National Institute of Criminalistics (INC) of Brasília and the support of criminal experts from Vilhena (RO).

The indigenous man was the only survivor of his community, of unknown ethnicity. Funai also said that it "deeply regrets the loss of the indigenous person" and that the cause of death will be confirmed by a medical examiner's report from the Federal Police.

Who is the "Indian of the Hole"? The “Indian of the Hole” had lived alone for almost 30 years, after the last members of his people were killed by ranchers in 1995. He was first seen a year later, in 1996, by the Guaporé Ethnoenvironmental Protection Front (FPE Guaporé). ), headquartered in Alta Floresta do Oeste (RO).

He lived in the Tanaru Indigenous Land (TI), close to the border of municipalities in the south of Rondônia, more precisely in Corumbiara, just over 700 kilometers from Porto Velho.

Images of the indigenous are extremely rare. A video recorded by Funai agents in 2018 shows him only from afar.

The most recurrent records are of their houses known as tapiris, usually built with wooden bark, palm trees and trunks, covered with straw from floor to ceiling. A curious feature of the places where he used to be is the existence of a hole. This is how the name “Indian of the Hole” came about.