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Ant wrote



alqm OP wrote

You should've seen the memes produced after this.

See this one


ziq wrote

Is the stabbing helping or hurting his candidacy? A lot of times liberals will develop sympathy for fash when they're hurt.


alqm OP wrote

I'm not caring anymore about these elections. If he wins, we lose. If he loses, we lose anyway. The struggle continues.

He's going to spend all day on social media saying shit, reverting progress made in favor of the minorities day after day. He doesn't know anything about economy (and anything that requires years of study) and he despises the political processes.


martasultan wrote

It's helped- but he was already leading in the polls. Most of the people who say that they're sympathizing now are rich middle-class white people anyway and probably would have supported him had it come to him vs the worker's party.


Brick wrote

Proof that propaganda of the deed works and abandoning it has set us back 100 years.


theblackcat wrote

The ruling class should be terrified of the proletariat. The more they take from us, the more willing we'll be to sacrifice everything to bite back.