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mike425mobile wrote

Being on the receiving end of a protection order feels like this. What does this DV charge have to do with me? Insults towards repugnant behavior equals afraid-for-your-life fear now? Huh, I did not know that. Without SNAP food benefits, a state healthcare plan for free medication, and a homeless shelter, I wouldn't have gotten back on my feet again (just to get knocked down again by the same court, because I couldn't afford services). These passive-agressive ICE/court actions have huge and potentially life-ending consequences. I might be dead like him, not even in other countries, but in other US states.

The justice system took a huge shit all over my life, stripped me of my civil rights, and acted like I deserved it over an offensive insult. Being treated like you don't know what's best for you, by simpletons guided by their unquestioned feelings, isn't really an upgrade over death. Belligerent boomers being scared of their far-left children doesn't equal violence averted, in the same way that deporting people doesn't fix anything, while destroying lives.