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emma wrote

This is some Third Reich shit. I expect to see many more vulnerable people suddenly 'disappear' in the coming years.


robottroymacclure wrote

so just so we are clear. in this administration the border is legally a lawless zone where on the one hand if you seek illegal entry you can be sent to a labor camp for an indefinite period. private prisons in this arrangement are operating business' that can take a person and force them to work for pennies, which is slavery, plain and simple. so we are doing slavery again. if you attempt entry with a child or children your children will be taken and placed in a government approved foster home BUT the government does not want to pay for the program. so if a child goes, "missing" every now and then, the onus is on the parents for attempting to cross illegally. if a person understands the significance of how historically horrible this is what can an individual do to begin righting this wrong? everyone should be talking about it but i dont hear a peep.


retiredaccount wrote

everyone should be talking about it but i dont hear a peep.

It's the US, nobody cares about important issues; more important is 'trump is orange xd'