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sorry if this isn't in the spirit of the forum. I popped back into reddit just to see how things were holding up over there. Apparently the reddit admins are forcing moderators to reopen their subs or face being removed from the mod team and have the subs opened anyways. In response subreddits such as r/pics, r/gamingcriclejerk and r/piracy are opening but posting only unrelated content, in the case of r/piracy they're posting pics of John Oliver. In the comments of these threads you will find gigantic amounts of bootlicking and bad faith arguing from redditors, the same kind of talk you would see regarding any protest (side note: its funny to me that a subreddit about piracy of all things would be such simps for capitalism). I suppose it is to be expected however given how right-leaning reddit is as a whole. Realistically, this malicious compliance will accomplish nothing, I frankly doubt reddit cares all too much as long as they continue to make ad revenue. And the blackout was almost doomed to fail from the start given that reddit admins have 100% power over the moderators. Still though, it is rather upsetting to see people so hostile towards any form of protest (even one such as minor as what's happening on reddit).



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ziq wrote

Just can't go one week without their doomscroll dopamine